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Secret Places Teresa
Secret Places Teresa
Laufen in Flachau
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When the temperatures start to rise again, I can't wait to put on my running shoes. And off you go directly from Chalet mySchlössl. Along the forest and meadow path I walk in the direction of Flachauwinkl to the Rohrsee. I cross the meadow path and run into the forest. The air is wonderfully clear and fresh, it smells of moss and fir trees, it is incredibly peaceful. Just a few birds chirping. And every now and then I see a squirrel scurrying from tree to tree. The last part I walk along the Enns and enjoy the sound of the water. I still have a ways to go, but the anticipation of a refreshing cool down motivates me!


After about 45 minutes I reached my destination. YAY!!! Now it's time to be strong again, because now it's time to go into the ice-cold Rohrsee! Brrr, it's cold, but sooo refreshing. Then it's off home again, where a wonderful breakfast is already waiting for me. Mmmhh - the perfect start to the day!